Universal medium size export crate

  • Size 30*40*14 cm см
  • When made of polypropylene, the box weighs only 300 grams, when using recycled materials, then within 340 grams.
  • Light weight
  • The optimal sizes of the box for refrigerated trucks, which would allow to place the maximum amount of cargo
  • Robust design withstands maximum loads on a long journey
  • The design withstands road jolts of 20 rows in height with a weight of 7 kg in each box! The truck can accommodate up to 18 rows in height
Product safety
  • All internal ribs are made convex to the inside, which does not damage the tomatoes as in the previous boxes with their sharp cutting edges.
  • The agricultural product in the box is perfectly blown, which ensures evenly temperature throughout the entire volume of the box, which prolongs the product’s shelf life
  • On the sides in length there is an inscription “Turkmenistan, Fruits and vegetables”, which united all producers from Turkmenistan with a common brand and provided information about the origin of the goods
  • In the short side there is a flat bar for the producer’s label